Devil statue with erect penis removed from park in Vancouver

Posted Sep 13, 2014 by Owen Weldon
A few days ago a devil statue appeared in a park in Vancouver, Canada, and it was removed. However, now there is a petition to put it back up.
Vancouver s skyline in the evening  seen from North Vancouver  across the Burrard Inlet.
Vancouver's skyline in the evening, seen from North Vancouver, across the Burrard Inlet.
According to Mirror, the naked statue, which stood at 9-feet and had an erect penis, appeared overnight in the park.
The statue was removed on Tuesday. According to Toronto Sun, the statue was on a pedestal that used to be home to a Christopher Columbus statue.
Some residents who saw the statue were not amused and they complained about it. Other people snapped photos of themselves with the statue. One resident said that it was funny that someone put in a lot of work into making the statue for people to see.
As for the petition, more than 2,000 people have signed it. According to the Petition, Vancouver has been a leader in investing in public art. The petition notes the $100,000 expenditure on a statue of a porcelain dog.
The petition went on to say that the statue of Satan cost the city nothing, and was more likely to stir debate more than the dog statue. It said that the "Giant Beelzebub-with-a-boner" statue should be re-installed as a piece of public art that will serve as a reminder that when it comes to art, it is in the eye of the beholder.