Twitter announces a 'Buy Now' button

Posted Sep 8, 2014 by Owen Weldon
For months now there have been rumors and reports that Twitter was going to release an e-commerce product, and now the company has confirmed those rumors and reports.
New Twitter HQ
The new-look Twitter offices as the team attempt to move everything in 72 hours.
Twitter Team
According to TechCrunch, Twitter first hinted at its interest in e-commerce earlier this year when Nathan Hubbard, former Ticketmaster CEO, was hired to lead the company's commerce team. Twitter then started to recruit other people with commerce experience.
On Monday Twitter is embedding a new "Buy" button right into tTweets, and users have already started to see the button pop up in some Tweets.
When the button is clicked, users will be instructed to enter their payment information, as well as their shipping info. The information will be saved in order to make future purchases easier. Twitter also said that Twitter-exclusive items will be available to buy via Tweets.
For now, the company is just testing the new feature, and 28 partners are working with Twitter. Some of Twitter's partners include Home Depot and Burberry, as well as artists such as Rihanna, Eminem and Pharrell, according to CNBC. Hubbard said that Twitter is not selling virtual goods, just physical products.
A company or artist can Tweet a photo of a product with a "Buy Now" button, and consumers will be able to click the link and purchase the product.
Hubbard said that right now Twitter is just starting with physical goods because it's a way for the company to test the user experience. He said that digital goods and some on-demand services are a great opportunity, and sooner or later they will offer digital products and on-demand services.