NFL Madden glitch has Cleveland's Chris Kirskey shrunk to 1 ' 2 '

Posted Sep 5, 2014 by Marcus Hondro
There are glitches and then are big glitches, like the one in the 'Madden NFL 2015' video game. In the game not only is Cleveland Browns rookie Chris Kirksey playing for the wrong team, he's doing it while very small. Like 14 inches tall small.
NFL logo appears on an entrance door to football stadium at Super Bowl XLII in Glendale
NFL logo appears on an entrance door to football stadium at Super Bowl XLII in Glendale
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The linebacker Kirksey, inexplicably on the Tennessee Titans for Madden NFL 2015, looks like he's a little gnat careening about the field, and at 1 foot, 2 inches his "character" barely makes it up past the ankles of the other players. It's quite funny, when you can see him, that is.
He gets mowed over by these giants he's on the field with but just keeps on playing. Often when a play happens in which he and his defensive teammates (representations of real Titan NFL players) have success, the little guy jumps up, way up, and gives a high-five to a teammate.
That has to be providing Madden gamers a laugh. But is Chris Kirksey laughing? He is, actually. “I just immediately started laughing (when) my friends from back home joked with me," Kirksey, who turned 22 Aug. 31st, told a Cleveland reporter. "If you look at the widescreen view, I look like a pixel or a dot.”
Much like Madden gamers surely do, Kirksey, whose actually 6'2" and 232 lbs., had trouble spotting what his guy was doing on the field. "I couldn't even see myself, I was a little dot moving around and then they zoomed in and I saw '58' and I was like, 'Why am I this small and why am I on the Titans?'" Kirksey said.
He's embraced the whole thing, saying that the little Chris Kirksey running about the field on Madden NFL 2015 might as well be a symbol for the notion that "no matter how small you are: dream big and live big."
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Pretty smart, especially for a little guy.