LeAnn Rimes faces backlash after making rape jokes

Posted Aug 28, 2014 by Alexa Spieler
Reality star LeAnn Rimes has come under fire after remarking that she lost her virginity by "raping" her boyfriend. During her interview with Joan Rivers, Rimes made more than one rape joke.
Musician Leann Rimes
Musician Leann Rimes
Rimes and her husband, Eddie Cibrian, appeared on Joan Rivers' web series, "In Bed With Joan." Over the course of the 15-minute interview, Rimes was initially offered a couple of drinks from Rivers. After being offered the drinks, Rimes switched drinks with her husband, by remarking that hers "might be roofied." Throughout the interview, that remark was the first of two rape jokes that Rimes dictated.
The more controversial joke emerged, as soon as Rivers questioned Rimes about how she lost her virginity. When recounting the experience, Rimes said that she was "in Monte Carlo and [she] was 15," and that it's "kind of a bulls--- story."
When Rivers continued pressing Rimes about the experience, she questioned, "Was it nice? Was it bad? Was he nice?" Replying to Rivers, Rimes responded, ""Well, he was my boyfriend for like three and a half years," and that he was "fine." However, the controversy emerged, as Rimes remarked, "I think I raped him. I think that's how it happened."
After the comment graced the Internet, livid commenters emerged rapidly. According to the New York Daily News, commenters responded with comments blatantly saying that "rape jokes are lame" and that the rape joke demonstrated that Rimes is "ignorant trash."
Rimes hasn't released a statement regarding the rape jokes she's made or the controversy that the jokes started. However, she did reply to a fan on Twitter who said, "I am a rape victim and not a damn thing you said was offensive." Replying to the tweet, Rimes said, "I'm sad you had to experience that in your life."