Undertakers making money with novelty hearses

Posted Aug 26, 2014 by Mike White
If you live in Northern Ireland and are a farmer, maybe you would choose to have a favorite tractor to pull your hearse after you die. If you are a biker, you might choose a motorcycle for the same purpose. A couple is catering to people's choices.
1974 Cadillac Miller Meteor Landau Hearse
1974 Cadillac Miller Meteor Landau Hearse
Flickr user That Hartford Guy
The Mirror reported the couple is offering customized hearses to residents of the country.
Builder Robert Adams is running the business that offers grieving families an unusual way to honor their loved ones. The 58-year-old is from Crossgar, Co Down, and he has created the first business to offer motor-tricycle and tractor hearses.
He started the business despite concerns from his wife, Cathy. Residents of the country are taking notice.
A motor-tricycle hearse was used for a funeral after the death of John McCourt, who fell off cliffs at Fanad Head in Co Donegal.
The vehicle was parked ahead of McCourt's funeral on Friday, outside Bairds of Antrim ahead of McCourt’s funeral on Friday. Although traffic was heavy at the time, it came to a virtual standstill, while motorists attempted to have a better view of the hearse.
Some people used their smartphones to take pictures of the hearse.
“It certainly does get a lot of attention," Cathy, 53, explained. "We like to think of it as the last mile in style."
“We have had the trike for about 18 months now, although this was only the fourth funeral we have done with it," she added.
According to, Cathy said even though the motor-tricycle hearse is was designed for the biker community, Cathy added unlikely people have requested to use it.
“We have had little old ladies asking about it," she explained.
“People are looking for something a little different these days than always going for the traditional.”
Robert is a biker himself, and he designed the motor-tricycle.
The hearse was created from scratch.