Review: 'Swing Copters' is not the 'Flappy Bird' follow-up gamers wanted Special

Posted Aug 24, 2014 by Stan Rezaee
'Swing Copters' is Dong Nguyen's long-anticipated followup to his smash hit mobile game 'Flappy Bird' but this game is neither addictive or actually fun.
In-game screenshot of  Swing Copters
In-game screenshot of 'Swing Copters'
Like its predecessor, Swing Copters is a simple game that is designed to capture the aesthetics of an old school NES game.
The gameplay mechanism requires the player to swing a helicopter from left to right as it flies upward. The objective is to earn points by getting pass each gate while avoiding the swinging hammers.
Unfortunately it will take maybe a few attempts before the control setup becomes obvious but the problems don't end there. The controls function doesn't respond well to what the player does, hence one won't last more than a few seconds before dying.
It's understandable that a game needs to be challenging but Swing Copters difficulty is only made possible by the poor control setup. The only way to master much a game would be to invest time that could be used for more productive things, like playing a better game.
On the bright-side it's a free game and the ads aren't annoying.
In the end, everything that gamers enjoyed about Flappy Bird is lost and instead they get a waste of space in their phone. At best this game will only appeal to a gamer who really wants an impossible challenge.
Swing Copters appears to have the looks of an old-school style arcade game for your mobile device, but after failing to get pass the first gate by the 20th attempt it becomes nothing but a futile waste of time.
It seems during all the hype that lead to its release, gamers overlooked the fact that Dong Nguyen is no Shigeru Miyamoto.
Final Score: 2/5