Adam Lambert stays true to himself on tour while fronting Queen

Posted Aug 10, 2014 by Markos Papadatos
Pop star Adam Lambert has fired back at critics who have denigrated his live shows, where he fronted the iconic rock band Queen.
Grammy-nominated pop star Adam Lambert
Grammy-nominated pop star Adam Lambert
Lee Cherry
In his recent interview with The Advocate, published on August 4, he makes a point that any true rock fan needs to take into consideration. Lambert proves to his naysayers that he was staying true to himself and that he is only paying homage to the late Queen front-man, Freddie Mercury.
"I'm Adam onstage. I'm not playing Freddie," Lambert told the magazine. He went on to clarify that his intentions throughout this tour were never to be Mercury, yet he was inevitably inspired by the rock superstar from a young age and he took cues from him, hence his sound was heavily influenced by Queen in one way or another.
Lambert subsequently praised Mercury in that same interview by stating, "His recordings and his performances were so incredible that I can't help but be inspired by them. And on a technical level, I don't want to move too far away from the music that they've created, but I do want to put my own stamp on everything."
As Digital Journal reported, their concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City was fantastic. Lambert nailed all the vocals, with his trademark pipes, and he maintained his stage presence, and his love and respect for veteran rocks Brian May and Roger Taylor were apparent that entire evening. It was quite puzzling that other media outlets did not recognize that on that same night. Again, I have never seen Freddie Mercury live so I cannot compare, but given the circumstances, Lambert did phenomenal. The ticket sales were incredible and the fans, for the most part, enjoyed the rock classics that they were hearing live. Lambert, May and Taylor deserve to be commended for being one of the best concerts one may experience this summer.
Queen and Lambert will be bringing their tour to Australia, where they will play shows for the remainder of the month.
For more information on Adam Lambert and his upcoming show dates with Queen, check out his official website.