Honest Game Trailers takes a jab at the 'Mass Effect' trilogy

Posted Aug 10, 2014 by Stan Rezaee
Fans of the 'Mass Effect' trilogy received a special treat over the weekend as 'Honest Game Trailers' decided to take a few humorous jabs at the iconic space opera.
 Mass Effect 3
'Mass Effect 3'
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Jon Bailey once again narrates a parody trailer that takes a jab at the plot holes of the trilogy along with plot elements along with moments fans have found to be annoying (like slower than dirt elevators). The trailer also took the time to mock the game's emphasis on personal choices while describing each major character encountered by ridiculing their flaws.
The trailer also took the time to note the players many romantic encounters by stating, "Make love not war as you live out your greatest Captain Kirk fantasy by porking alien babes. Live out your greatest Captain Janeway fantasy by doing the same thing as Female Shepard. Or live out your inner George Takei by getting it on with the galaxies most eligible bachelors. "
No parody of the Mass Effect trilogy would be complete without mocking its controversial ending were (spoiler alert) no matter your choices in the previous three game, Commander Shepard dies at the end.
As with previous episodes, they also took a few jabs at Electronic Arts and its poor reputation among the gaming community.
Honest Game Trailers are a series of videos on YouTube that mock bad video games and ridicule the plot holes in major tittles. The series is a video game spin-off of the popular Honest Trailers that features the same kind of perspectives on popular movies.
The Mass Effect trilogy is a space opera-themed RPG that follows the odyssey of Commander Shepard and his quest to save the galaxy from the Reapers. The games have been a critically claimed and hailed as among the best of the last gaming generation.