'New Snowden' leaks info, causes media uproar

Posted Aug 6, 2014 by Walter McDaniel
Rumors and allegations are flying that another whistle-blower exists in the United States government. Media coverage has exploded and government officials are keeping quiet about the allegations.
Glenn Greenwald runs the intercept and is distributing the information. He will be a key player in t...
Glenn Greenwald runs the intercept and is distributing the information. He will be a key player in this investigation since he is basically a new Julian Assange to match the new Edward Snowden.
Gage Skidmore
Press have dubbed the unknown source the "New Snowden." What we know so far is that someone has leaked documents to the Intercept. You can look at some of the documents here.
CNN's announcement of government confirmation comes from the attached video in which a reporter claims to have confirmation but gives no source. Despite the claims of "confirmation" no one is citing a source beyond the documents leaked in the Intercept. No one is naming names but they claim that since some documents came out after Snowden was gone (during the Obama administration) there is a "New Edward Snowden." According to that same report in the National Journal government employees are declining to comment on the issue.
Unfortunately this lack of sources for confirmation makes it a very different case than Snowden until the responsible party comes forth. However this has not stopped a wave of outrage over the documents, including a Government Watchlist paper which puts forth some very lenient guidelines about who investigators can put on it. Anyone who could be seen as having "reasonable suspicion" in a court could be placed on it.
As for Snowden himself while he is still wanted by multiple governments he has become a subculture hero. Sites track his every move and he was allegedly cited at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. As for the current case investigators in both the media and government are avidly searching for this "New Snowden."