VIDEO: Double amputee puppy newest GoPro star

Posted Aug 5, 2014 by Greta McClain
A Vancouver Washington puppy refuses to let the double amputation of his hind legs get in his way of living life to the fullest.
Duncan the two legged dog enjoys a run at the beach
Duncan the two legged dog enjoys a run at the beach
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Duncan is a nine-month-old boxer born with severe birth defects in both hind legs and the pelvis area. He came to the attention of Panda Paws Rescue founder, Amanda Giese, when a supporter observed the dog at a neighbors house while visiting family. Seeing the dog's obvious deformities, the supporter contacted Giese and asked if she could help. Never hesitating, Giese agreed to take the dog in.
When Duncan arrived at the rescue Giese was given two options, either have the dog euthanized or amputate both back legs. Giese believed Duncan could still have a happy life life and chose to have the legs amputated.
Following the double amputation, Duncan was fitted with a cart to support his hind quarters and allow him to walk. Duncan refused to use the carts however, deciding instead to learn to walk on his front legs. Giese told the Huffington Post:
"Anything any four-legged dog has that comes naturally that they do, Duncan has had to learn how to do in his own way. Even how he reaches his dog bowl, how he goes up and down stairs."
Duncan's way of doing things appears to be work just fine and his amazing story has even caught the attention of GoPro, who has featured Duncan in their YouTube GoPro Documentary Series. The video has gone viral and captured the hearts of thousands, with more than 556,000 views and 13,740 likes.
In the video, Duncan can be seen playing fetch, frolicking with other dogs and running along the beach. Giese told Fox 31:
“He has no idea he doesn't have two back legs and we don’t plan to tell him. We treat him like a normal four-legged pup.”