Video: Prison inmates dance and get 'Happy Inside'

Posted Jul 31, 2014 by Anne Sewell
Prisoners in Sicily, Italy, decided to show the world that they too can smile and be happy, even if they are behind bars. You can watch them dance and generally perform to the Pharrell Williams song "Happy," and they actually do look the part!
The introduction to the video, titled "Happy Dentro" (or Happy Inside) reads, "It's the story of a dream - to try to be carefree - even behind bars."
Made at the Casa Circondariale Luigi Bodenza prison in the city of Enna, Sicily, this is the first video of its kind to be made in an Italian prison and it looks like everyone involved had a great time doing it.
We can watch while the inmates go through their normal daily activities, including cleaning, cooking, doing the laundry, exercising in the gym and playing games. Even the staff get involved, putting on various scenes where it looks as though they might seriously condemn the inmates' activities, but ending with them joining in, in a friendly fashion.
The video was directed by Paolo Andolina and together with the prison staff and inmates, its aim is to show that prisoners can experience moments of happiness, despite being deprived of their freedom.
Right at the start a prisoner tells the camera, "today the sunlight is here, so take a break."
One guy is a bit of a mystery, however. We see him several times in the video, without a smile on his face, and working on a wooden boat.
This may be a new thing to Italian prisons, but its not the first time inmates have danced for the camera.
A similar video was made by 1,500 male inmates at the maximum security Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (DPDRC) in the Philippines, were they danced to Michael Jackson's "This is it - They don't care about us."
Included below, the prisoners can be seen to move pretty much in the same way as the original Thriller musical video. They do a pretty darn good job of it too: