Vending machine feeds stray dogs in exchange for bottles

Posted Jul 23, 2014 by Justin King
A Turkish company is aiming to encourage recycling and help feed Istanbul’s massive stray dog population by using vending machines that dispense dog food in exchange for plastic bottles.
Moscow: Street dog riding the subway
Moscow: Street dog riding the subway
AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker
Istanbul's stray dog population numbers around 150,000. The homeless pups will be getting a small reprieve from hunger thanks to new vending machines manufactured by Pugedon. The devices will dispense dog food every time a citizen drops in a recyclable plastic bottle. If it happens to be a water bottle, there is even a funnel that the excess can be dumped in that fills a water dish for the wayward animals. Pugedon did not require the government to pay for the machines.
The animals have been dealt with brutally in the past. Strays have been the targets of poison campaigns and 100 years ago, stray dogs were dropped off on an island where they were forced to resort to cannibalism to survive. In 2012, there was a plan to kill off the stray dog population in the city, but outrage subdued the plan from ever going into a full effect. The vending machines may be able to remove some of the annoyance surrounding the animals that may knock over trash cans to gather food.
Vending machines that accept plastic bottles have become popular in other regions as well. In China, plastic bottles can be used to obtain free subway rides. In less socially conscious countries, recycling efforts are rewarded by a chance to win prizes or points that can be redeemed by the user to obtain consumer goods.