Police investigate donut pranks bothering Oregon residents

Posted Jul 23, 2014 by Walter McDaniel
Residents in the town have woken up to pastries littered through the streets. Unknown vandals allegedly smashed food on buildings and rubbed bars down the sides of vehicles.
Some residents woke up to find pastries like these strewn about their yards.
Some residents woke up to find pastries like these strewn about their yards.
Rene Schwietzke
Authorities believe that local kids may have collected baked goods thrown out by supermarkets and using them in the pranks. Both residents and officers are searching for the culprits according a report by Yahoo News. Once they catch them they will ask them to stop and for an apology to those who had property damaged.
Pranks in Portland are sometimes a bit more destructive, as in the case of some seniors that decapitated a statue there. Another prank also made city officials use a large amount of water in cleaning paint out of the area.
Pranks are fairly common in United States culture. Many students perform some sort of prank when they are in school. Not all of them end as harmless fun though. Sixty-three seniors were arrested for criminal mischief after a prank went wrong. Police reported that the school was severely and made other claims about defecation on the premises.
School administrators found that the claims were untrue and a legal battle started. Students came out to support the teens and parents came out as well. Prosecutors agreed to downgrade charges and the story dropped out of the local media shortly after that.