Apple cited in class-action lawsuit over wages

Posted Jul 23, 2014 by Walter McDaniel
As you can see from the embedded PDF, employees in California, notably the Apple "Geniuses," are seeking back pay and damages for incidents such as Apple denying their workers rest periods.
Apple  Geniuses  have long been the company s flagship support. Many of them have now banded togethe...
Apple "Geniuses" have long been the company's flagship support. Many of them have now banded together to launch a class action against the company.
Pinky Li
Original reports come from CNBC's Re/code division. According to their report managers denied employees bathroom and meal breaks required by law. Original filings took place in 2009 and now the case has moved forward.
Apple's last run-in over workers happened in China. Long work hours, insufficient wages and dangerous working conditions were all part of the investigation. Apple's response in the past has been to either to barely acknowledge the problem (as with Pegatron Corp) or drop the supplier in serious cases.
More than 20,000 employees are now involved in the case and technology advocates across the web are discussing it. Apple's financial situation has not been damaged by the case yet. Analysts note that this is not the first time that Apple was involved in a legal conflict over wages. Apple, Google and other major companies settled a suit which would have brought allegations of wage fixing in Silicon Valley to light.