Airbnb host says guest won't leave her condo

Posted Jul 22, 2014 by Owen Weldon
Airbnb allows people to rent their homes to travelers, but sometimes things do not go as planned for the people renting their home.
Hotel bed at Calgary s Sandman Hotel
Hotel bed at Calgary's Sandman Hotel
Photo by David Silverberg
According to Business Insider, Cory Tschogi rented her condo in Palm Springs, California, to someone for a little more than a month, but now she says the guy is refusing to leave. She also says the guy is threatening to sue her.
Tschogi said that she learnt that she legally went from a host to a normal landlord, and since the guy has stayed in her place for 30 days, he has all kinds of protections for tenants under state law.
According to Daily Mail, she has a lawyer, but it will still take three to six months to evict him, and it will cost her thousands.
Tschogi said that in the past she has used Airbnb without any issues, so when the man asked her to rent her condo for a total of 44 days, she didn't think she would run into any problems.
As soon as the man checked in, he ended up calling Tschogi and complained about the water being cloudy, as well as the gated entrance to the condo. He then wanted his 30 days rent that he paid to her in advance.
Tschogi said she refunded the money and then alerted Airbnb, who then alerted the man to leave the property, but he just ended up staying in the condo.
At one point she told the man she would shut the power off, but he texted her back and said that he was legally occupying the property and that his work and income would be affected if the electricity was turned off. That is when he told her that he would sue her for blackmail and damages, as well as for malicious misconduct.
The situation is ongoing and Airnb said that they will help Tschogi with her legal bills.