City of Seoul plans to ban Uber

Posted Jul 21, 2014 by Owen Weldon
On Monday Uber, a transportation network company that allows people to connect with rides via an app, found itself banned in the capital of South Korea, Seoul.
Transportation app Uber is seen on the iPhone of limousine driver.
Transportation app Uber is seen on the iPhone of limousine driver.
With permission by Reuters/Lucy Nicholson
According to Forbes, right now Uber just runs a pilot luxury vehicle service in Korea. but Uber may find these services quashed in the capital of South Korea.
According to BBC, Seoul's city council cited concerns regarding background checks on Uber drivers, as well as vehicle upkeep and the impact that Uber has on the taxi trade.
The council of Seoul said that Uber created unfair competition for taxi drivers in the city. Uber said that the city just remains trapped in the past.
According to Business Insider, the council also said that users of Uber should be aware that it's difficult to be covered by insurance, and that is even if a car accident happens.
The council added that they would go ahead and just launch their own mobile app. The app would be used to hail taxis that are already licensed. The council said that the app should be launched in December.
The council said that Uber is avoiding the regulatory process while charging customers, and this creates unfair competition.
Uber operates in 41 countries across the Americas, the Middle East, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa. However, it has faced resistance by regulators in several countries that accuse it of unfair competition.
Cab drivers in nations, including France, Germany and the US, have protested against Uber, saying that the company chips away at their client base.