Why doesn't Mackenzee Wittke age?

Posted Jul 21, 2014 by Walter McDaniel
Mackenzee Wittke is a girl who stays young from year to year. In fact her body changes very little in any way. This case is drawing worldwide interest from scientists and the media since her condition stands out even among similar children.
Screenshot from Maclean s video on Mackenzee Wittke
Screenshot from Maclean's video on Mackenzee Wittke
Mackenzee stands out because she does not seem to age at all. Her brain and body seem to stay the same from year to year. Even in Dwarfism the body still ages and shows clear changes with each year but this girl does not. Even on her sixth birthday she only weighs around 16 lbs. Our information comes from a spotlight in Maclean's that studied the situation in-depth.
There are some downsides to Mackenzee's case as well. She is in every way a six-month-old baby from size to cognitive ability. She also sometimes needs oxygen to live comfortably in addition to other care. Scientists that want to create a positive treatment for aging from this condition they will also have to deal with the related problems.
Another child known as Brooke Greenberg passed away at the age of 20. She had syndrome X which is similar to the Benjamin Button condition. Brooke's genetic structure is now studied for clues on what causes these conditions in a variety of kids.
All the children also have something else in common, they are part of studies by scientists such as Eric Schadt. Other groups studying the cases include teams with "Clinical Interventions in Aging." One discovery researchers have made is that while these children do not age in the traditional sense their bodies can still wear down, suffer from cancer or otherwise be injured.
What leaves scientists so baffled about the case is that Mackenzee has been in multiple check-ups and studies but does not seem to have syndrome X or similar "Aging Diseases." Many believe it is something new entirely. She has also been diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. Doctors have said she does have some abnormalities in her brain as well but she has so far survived her early diagnosis which said she would pass away early on from heart and lung problems.
For now Mackenzee receives care from her mother Kim and father Matt. Her parents have not shown any significant genetic abnormalities and she has three sisters who are also normal in developmental terms. Her parents are planning to give her more freedom and even have plans to let her attend school down the line.
For now her life is fairly normal but tests continue from people such as Doctor Richard Walker. Scientific communities are waiting to find out whether this case could hold the genetic key to aging.