Nestle apologizes for 'penis' on candy bar

Posted Jul 18, 2014 by Owen Weldon
The food giant Nestle has issued an apology after a lawyer discovered what resembled a penis imprinted on one of the company's products.
The Nestle logo is pictured on a truck outside the company s headquarters before the nine-month sale...
The Nestle logo is pictured on a truck outside the company's headquarters before the nine-month sale figures news conference in Vevey
� Denis Balibouse / Reuters, Reuters
According to Metro, Robin Jacobs, a 31-year-old lawyer from London, was surprised when he saw what resembled a penis on his Milkybar as he took a bite out of it while watching the final game of the World Cup.
According to IBITimes, the symbol was carved into a spot where the head of a horse was supposed to be, right next to the Milkybar kid.
Robin said that the image is not suitable for children.
According to Mirror, Robin said that he was surprised by the discovery and he did not understand why it was there.
A Nestle spokesperson apologized for any confusion or embarrassment the image may have caused, but said that the image was an image of a horse's head.