City's first African-American mayor: 'We're moving forward' Special

Posted Jul 16, 2014 by Zach Gilliland
The city of Inman, South Carolina may know him as Cornelius Huff the mayor, but outside of city hall he is a family-driven man that lives for The Lord.
City of Inman, South Carolina
Huff was recently elected mayor in a runoff election, which he won by six votes. It was a fortunate turn of events for Huff, who lost by six votes in the 2006 race for mayor. In the words of his grandmother, he was "delayed but not denied."
The newly-elected mayor has plans to bring growth back to Inman's Main Street, which has seen its struggles lately. "We're not attractive like we used to be," Huff said. "My vision is to make us look beautiful again, bring the town back together, build the broken relationships, and move forward."
One of the main issues on his agenda is to bring business back downtown. "Highway 176 is expanding, it's working, it's doing its thing, but our downtown feeling is kind of lost right now."
He realizes it won't be easy to turn things around so quickly. "They've been down for so long, and making changes is gonna take people wanting to change, but it starts right here in this office. It starts with me, and it starts with (city) council."
Just take a look at Huff's track record and you'll find that he is very qualified to serve. He began volunteering at the Inman Fire Department when he was 11, a job he still enjoys. In addition to that he is also a crew chief paramedic for Spartanburg EMS.
Huff is grateful to be the city's first African-American mayor, but realizes it was made possible by those that came before him.
"I know the sacrifices. I know the struggles. I know what my grandfather and my great-grandfather, and my natural father went through to get to where I am today," Huff said. "They fought for the right for me to stand here as a man to be judged by my character and not by my color."
The slogan of Huff's campaign is "We're Moving Forward," and that's the message he wants the people of Inman to believe in. "Don't give up. Don't throw in the towel. Hang on, pull together, and lets move forward".