Doctors create early and effective form of Dengue vaccine

Posted Jul 11, 2014 by Walter McDaniel
A new vaccine for Dengue Fever has been shown to both reduce the number of cases and reduce severe side effects for those who do get it. This may be the first step towards eliminating the ailment entirely.
Smallpox was once a world-wracking disease that destroyed lives. Dengue Fever is one right now but c...
Smallpox was once a world-wracking disease that destroyed lives. Dengue Fever is one right now but could some go the same way as its cousin due to a new vaccine study.
James Gathany via CDC
The research was conducted by scientists in the Philippines such as Dr. Maria Rosario Capeding. The team was highly skilled and featured over a dozen doctors. You can read this study in the Lancet. If you read it for yourself you will likely agree that "effective" is the word for their results.
Dengue Fever made headlines in Time. While many can survive the virus it leaves the body reeling from a lowered white-blood-cell count and a weakened capacity for blood clotting. Even healthy people who survive it may have future complications. More commonly though it happens with underprivileged people as far as China and as close as Mexico. Many of them do not have the proper health to even survive the infection caused by the virus.
Dengue Fever is a mosquito-borne disease with some harshly debilitating symptoms. Most of them including aches, fever and nausea are similar to other problems. However rashes and bleeding can also be a part of the infection as well. In the worst case scenario someone can suffer from both serious bleeding and a weakened immune system.
The good news is that the study found the vaccine to be safe. Not only did it cut down on overall cases but also on people who got hit with serious hemorrhaging due to the bleeding and weakened clotting. If future studies show the same results this could be the magic bullet that the World Health Organization has been looking for to finally put worldwide Dengue Fever to rest.