Teacher suspended for twerking with students

Posted Jul 11, 2014 by Owen Weldon
Courtney Spruill, a history and gym teacher in Florida, has been suspended after she allegedly gave twerking lessons to students.
A chewed pencil
A chewed pencil
Photo by Thrasher Dave
According to Huffington Post, Spruill, who teaches at Kernan Middle School in Jacksonville, was suspended on July 1, and she cannot return for 15 days.
According to Daily Mail, Spruill was suspended after evidence surfaced of her attending a party with the school's soccer team.
According to Action News Jax, the party took place at one of the student's parent's home back in May.
The district reviewed cellphone video of Spruill getting a lapdance at the party, and she was twerking on players of the soccer team.
The person who owned the home said that Spruill brought vodka to the party, but only as a gift, and she chose to drink soda instead.
District investigators said that the teacher exercised poor judgement.