Customers order with sign language in Canada's only 'deaf' diner

Posted Jul 8, 2014 by Walter McDaniel
At this Toronto restaurant, most of the servers have limited or no hearing and only take their orders in American Sign Language.
Store front of Signs Restaurant in Toronto
Store front of Signs Restaurant in Toronto
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The target clientele for this area is clear, those with hearing disabilities and their loved ones. According to a report on FOODBEAST they not only want to create a new place to eat but a community for people who are learning to live with their disability. This inclusive attitude towards all people has slowly crept through the developed world for some time now.
This restaurant will open on Yonge and Wellesley on July 16th. It will provide additional jobs for the disabled community and a new place for those who care about the group to visit.
Restaurants catering to those with specific disabilities are becoming quite common in our world today. There are even "Deaf Foodies" that visit establishments which have signing servers. It is a way both to cater to an under-served niche and get promotion from the media for your business.
Some waiters are being encouraged to learn American Sign Language so they can properly serve any sort of client. This has been made much easier by online resources which can help anyone learn to have a casual conversation with this system. Readers who have their own businesses would do well to take note of the trend and see if they can use it to help their own customers.