Paul McCartney helps couple get engaged at concert

Posted Jul 7, 2014 by Alexa Spieler
After an illness forced Paul McCartney to postpone concert dates, he returned to the stage on Saturday with no lack of surprises and interactiveness. Not only did McCartney return to the stage, but he helped a couple get engaged on July 5th.
According to USA Today, McCartney brought the middle-age couple on-stage at the Times Union Center in Albany, NY and proceeded to help the couple become engaged before an audience of 13,000 people. The couple was brought to McCartney's attention the moment he spotted the pair holding bright, bold signs that read, "I've got the ring and I'm 64" and "He won't marry me 'til he meets you." The pair originally met on and have been dating for nearly eight years.
Prior to popping the question to Claudia Rodgers (60), John Dann (64) serenaded his soon-to-be-fiancée with a verse of The Beatles' "When I'm Sixty-Four." It wasn't long before McCartney, along with his band, joined in and jokingly announced that the couple "booked [them] for the wedding."
Apparently, following the show and the proposal — which Rodgers gracefully said yes to — it took the couple two hours to exit the venue, as concert-goers recognized the pair and sought to offer their congratulations.