Castaway: Man abandoned on Norwegian island by friend

Posted Jul 6, 2014 by Anne Sewell
Two Norwegian friends took a trip out to the deserted Hastein Island near Stavanger Thursday, but one of them decided to abandon his friend while he was sleeping and took off in their only boat.
Max Froumentin
The thirty-something man had to call for help when he awoke, cold and without food or water, Friday morning. He found his "friend" had left him alone on the deserted Hastein island, out in the ocean just outside the city of Stavanger, stealing their only mode of transportation.
The man was rescued by SRK "Sjømann" ("Seaman"), the local sea-rescue boat. NIls-Ole Sunde, the rescue official on duty, told Stavanger Aftenbladet that they found the man, shivering, wet, cold and hungry.
No explanation was given as to why the unnamed man was abandoned by his friend.
Norwegian sources:
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