Ice cream shop shares its space for new crepe business Special

Posted Jul 2, 2014 by Jonathan Farrell
Thanks to some very neighborly help and some wise merchant ingenuity, one local family business is helping another, get its start in the community.
Tuesday  July 1 was the opening day of Divewalk Cafe s debut on  the square  in Sonoma just for the ...
Tuesday, July 1 was the opening day of Divewalk Cafe's debut on "the square' in Sonoma just for the morning hours only before Grandma Linda's Ice Cream, opens for the day at around Noon.
Crepes and French press coffee are now being served on 'The Square,' thanks to the generosity of Tony and Dawn Marmeduke, owners of Grandma Linda's Ice Cream shop. The Marmeduke's invited the Divewalk Cafe which is on the other side of town to utilize the ice cream shop space in the morning hours.
 This reminds me of  The Magic Pan  which was the place for crepes back in the 1970 s   said John Fo...
"This reminds me of 'The Magic Pan' which was the place for crepes back in the 1970's," said John Foley of the Foodie Daily blog.
"We are still working things out, said Divewalk Cafe owner Lorene Reed who along with chef Mark Sloop are serving up fresh all-organic foods. July 1 was their first day "behind the pink door" at Grandma Linda's. Apparently the Marmeduke's are not afraid of causing a stir because when they touched up their shop some months ago with bright colors and painted the front door pink, a few people in the community complained, seeking a petition. With the Franciscan Mission from Early California days just a few doors down on the corner, Sonoma is an old California Mission town. And, some more traditional and conservative minds thought pink, especially a bright peppermint pink did not fit the historical mood right on the town plaza or 'square' as locals refer to it.
The Marmeduke's grandma Linda loved the color pink and so why not have the shop trimmed in it. Pastels are common for candy shops and ice cream places. And after a little fuss, the pink door seems to blend right in. In fact, Reed emphasized that in her advertising as she told this reporter and others, "join us for crepes and coffee behind the pink door."
Reed was eager to pass out menu-flyers to the locals like Miriam who walked by with her friends that...
Reed was eager to pass out menu-flyers to the locals like Miriam who walked by with her friends that Tuesday morning. "We offer both savory and sweet crepes," said Reed. One of chef Mark's specialities is the 'veggie feta' and yes crepes with hazelnut chocolate are also made.
"For right now we just want to let people know we are here for breakfast," said Reed. "Our initial schedule will be from 6:00 to 11:00 in the morning, Monday thru Wednesday. On Thursday to Saturday Divewalk Cafe offers crepes at Reed's own Planet Organics produce mart and delivery on Riverside Drive.
The focus is simple, just crepes and coffee. Wholesome ingredients made with the fresh produce Reed provides. John Foley of Foodie Daily, a food blog dropped in "This reminds of places like 'The Magic Pan,' he said. Back in the 1970s and '80s, crepes when were very popular."
"We make gluten free versions of crepes too," said Reed, always mindful of the health and environmentally conscious eater.
 These crepes are delicious   said Shirin Kerimova  who stopped by on her way into town from San Fra...
"These crepes are delicious," said Shirin Kerimova, who stopped by on her way into town from San Francisco. She was the first customer of the day. She had the breakfast crepe of scrambled eggs, jack cheese and green onions. "Avocado and ham or beacon can be added upon request," said Reed.
Eventually Reed wants to step away from the produce delivery business she has conducted since 1997. "I want to do more of this, she said. I love cooking and creating culinary magic," she said. "And what we are making here is all natural and all organic."
Pleased that the entrepreneurial arrangement got off to a good start, "I believe we are a perfect fit with each other," said Troy Marmeduke. For more information about Divewalk Cafe and their hours behind the pink door at Grandma Linda's on the square, call 707-933-3740. Or, visit the web site.