Two armed Georgians have showdown over 'guns everywhere' law

Posted Jul 2, 2014 by Walter McDaniel
Two armed men had a tense standoff when one demanded identification from the other. Things nearly turned ugly when one owner removed his gun from a holster and the incident ended with an arrest.
A gun with holster
A gun with holster
Takeshi Mano
Ronald Williams, 62, reportedly demanded that another customer show him ID. When it was not immediately shown Williams allegedly drew his gun from the holster in a threatening manner. Thankfully no one in the store actually pointed their guns at anyone else. The other customer, who is having his identity protected, bought some items from the gun store they were in and left. He also called police shortly after to tell them about the incident according to a report from the Valdosta Daily Times.
Since it is illegal for a citizen to ask another for ID Williams was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Only law enforcement can go through the procedures needed to check if someone is legally carrying a gun.
Media such as MSNBC have dubbed this new law the "Guns Everywhere" law. Firearms will now be allowed in nightclubs, school classrooms and even government buildings in some cases. This is a massive expansion of gun rights comes at the behest of Georgia citizens and some politicians.
The bill has also gathered quite a bit of criticism both from the public and major news sites. Both sides of the issue are being passionately debated and this latest incident is sparking even more controversy.