Allison Veltz talks 'Bright Side,' music video and future plans Special

Posted Jul 1, 2014 by Markos Papadatos
Country newcomer Allison Veltz talks about her debut single "Bright Side" and her upcoming album, which will be out on Blaster Records.
Country singer Allison Veltz
Country singer Allison Veltz
Jess Fusco
Her music has been compared to such artists as Alison Krauss and Sierra Hull. She is one of Digital Journal's "Top 10 Female Country Singers to Watch in 2014."
Regarding her single "Bright Side," she stated, "I wrote it out of a place of desperation, oddly enough, since it is such a sweet and happy-sounding song. I wrote it at a scarred place that things weren't going to work out."
A former New York resident, Veltz played the Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan this past April 11. "It was amazing," she exclaimed. "I lived in New York and I used to work at a diner. I would play there once a month. I would work as much as I could at the diner and book shows there. That was my venue of choice. I wouldn't play anywhere else."
She has launched a campaign, which benefits the Nashville Human Association, especially since the dog "Penny," who was rescued from a shelter, made a cameo in her lyric video for "Bright Side." "I came up with the concept of using a dog since they have a delightful ability to look at the bright side, so I looked at all these dogs, and I asked my friends if I could borrow their dogs for the day. When I found 'Penny,' I found out from her owner that she was found wandering the streets of Nashville. It made me appreciate the Humane Society for giving her a chance, and it's because of them, she is still here. Two weeks after the lyric video, I got my own dog 'Bruno,' and that has been awesome," she said. "I really always wanted to do something charitable for animals, especially dogs, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity. I hope to be involved with animals for the rest of my career. That would be my charity of choice."
While her new album is her main focus at the moment, she hopes to do more live shows and more promotion for the forthcoming project.
Modern country music is dominated primarily by the men, but Veltz is optimistic about the females in the genre. "I feel that it's a really good time for women. Obviously there are a lot of men in country right now, but it's time to have a little bit of a tipping point with the female country stars. There are a lot of good female artists right now," she said.
Speaking of male country artists, she selected superstars Eric Church and Keith Urban as two of her dream duet choices.
To learn more about Allison Veltz, her single and upcoming album, visit her official Facebook page.