X-ray gun developed to search vehicles for hidden contraband

Posted Jun 30, 2014 by Walter McDaniel
Technicians at American Science & Engineering have created a hand-held device which can be used to search for compartments in any vehicle or structure you can think of.
As you can see here X-ray technology had been used to see inside of inorganic structures many times ...
As you can see here X-ray technology had been used to see inside of inorganic structures many times before. This works on the same technology.
Hannes Grobe/AWI
It is being billed as the Mini Z and there is already a website showing off a few uses for it. Those providing the guns expect them to become quite popular with the military and law enforcers. The Mini Z itself has already been field tested and allows officers to see into hidden compartments in tires, wings and tiny sections of buildings. This lets them perform a deep search without actually having to take a car apart.
As you might expect this is not meant to be used on people. It is after all, an X-ray system with the dangers associated with such things. Instead it is meant be used on planes, vehicles and buildings which would not be hurt by the rays. The United States military is reportedly already using some of these. The device itself is fairly light and simple to use. You simply put it near a structure and turn it on to see if anything is inside.
The news is already becoming quite popular on sites such as Defense One which is a site that covers matters of defense and security all over the world. Some people also want X-ray glasses but the dangers inherent in such a thing should be obvious to anyone who knows how these work.
While it is a powerful new tool enforcers will need to be instructed on how to properly use it. An untrained or careless user could easily give someone else or even themselves radiation sickness with it. As far as offensive uses it would be much less useful than even a standard gun but could cause health problems if someone were to abuse it.