Review: The Script amazes at the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater Special

Posted Jun 30, 2014 by Markos Papadatos
On June 29, rock band The Script performed at the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, in Wantagh, New York, for a sold-out crowd.
Rock band The Script
Rock band The Script
Courtesy of Columbia Records
The Script shared the stage with such musical acts as American Authors and OneRepublic.
The rock group, which is originally from Ireland, and is made up of front-man Danny O'Donoghue on lead vocals and piano, Mark Sheehan on backing vocals and lead guitar, and drummer Glen Power.
They commenced their set with "Good Ol' Days," as they had their fans waving their hands up in the air, and it displayed his impressive falsetto.
From the moment Danny took the stage, he commanded it quite well, moving from side to side so that everybody had an equal chance in seeing him. He wore black pants, a black tank top and a long gray sweater.
"Jones Beach, make some noise," O'Donoghue said with excitement, while making his way into the crowd.
After a sip of water, he introduced the band and noted that it was going to be a "fun show." They immediately broke into "Before The Worst," which featured O'Donoghue on keyboards, as the stage was graced in blue lights.
It was followed by their successful hit single "Breakeven," while red lights beamed from the stage, and they had the crowd singing along with them and clapping their hands. O'Donoghue praised the audience for their "beautiful" voices.
"It's a pleasure to be here," O'Donoghue said, and asked if anybody had seen them at Jones Beach, they last time they played here.
They went on to sing their very first single as a band, "We Cry," which is about their hometown, Dublin, Ireland. It showcased O'Donoghue's rap vocals and falsetto yet again. At one point, he split the arena in half, where they would sing the word "cry" back to him, and he ended the tune a-capella.
"This is the lat night of our tour, before we go back to the U.K.," he said.
He introduced "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" as a song they wrote at a time when they were broke musicians. O'Donoghue was backed by guitars, piano and drums and it resonated well with the audience due to its emotional nature, and it garnered them their first standing ovation of the evening, which was moving for the band.
"How is everybody doing here today?" he asked. "It's a beautiful day."
At that moment, they took a crowd photo of Jones Beach Theater, which they posted on their Twitter page.
One of the highlight moments of the show was when they sang "Nothing." O'Donoghue had asked if there were any "pissed-off ex-girlfriends" in the audience, and he selected a female fan who dialed her ex's mobile number for him, and O'Donoghue serenaded the hit single to her former boyfriend, while holding the cell phone throughout the performance.
The vocal itself was remarkable, displaying his whistle register, and the phone conversation at the end with the female fan's ex was witty and somewhat vengeful, since it is a substantial indication that payback is not fun.
Equally noteworthy was their version of "For The First Time," which featured O'Donoghue on keyboards, and towards the end of the song, lead guitarist Mark Sheehan sang the chorus several times, which was a treat, since he proved that he is one of music's best-kept secrets.
They picked things up with the upbeat "You Won't Feel a Thing," where O'Donoghue yet again went in the crowd, and sang from them from all the way up in the middle bleachers.
Just when you think that their show could not get any better, they saved their best song for last.
"We are trying to create a moment tonight" he said. "If you want to use your phone, use it as a light." At that moment, the entire Jones Beach Theater seemed like a dark sky with fireflies, which was a stunning sight.
"Jones Beach, are you ready?" he asked, prior to singing "Hall of Fame," which dealt with "ordinary people doing extraordinary things."
His rap vocals on this tune were haunting yet powerful, and he displayed his never-ending energy as he was running through the orchestra area of the theater yet again, which fared well with the fans since they had the opportunity to see O'Donoghue up-close, and several posed for photos as he was singing to them.
"Hall of Fame" concluded with a huge standing ovation for the Irish rock group.
They praised their opening act, American Authors, for being an "incredible band" and The Script hinted that there is a new album that is in the works.
The Verdict
Overall, The Script's live show at Jones Beach Theater is the epitome for an exceptional rock concert. O'Donoghue nailed the vocals and keyboards, meanwhile his band-mates soared on their instrumentals. They put on a high-energy show that should not be missed by any true fan of pop and rock music. Their show garnered an A+ rating, making it one of the best live acts I have seen in 2014.
For more information on The Script, visit their official website.