Op-Ed: stops traffic with Hillary Clinton billboard

Posted Jun 30, 2014 by Paul Wallis
Trashy adultery site, famous for its “life is short, have an affair” hookline for extramarital matchmaking, has posted a billboard of Hillary Clinton, with the caption “Harder choices lead to”
Democracy strikes again?
Democracy strikes again?
Fox 32
It’s being called an “ultimate insult” to Clinton. It’s also jamming traffic in Chicago.
Bizpac Review:
Ashley Madison’s CEO Noel Biderman who said that it was fitting to use Clinton because she is seen as an icon for surviving a marital affair.
(Original source interview was FOX 32, what a surprise.)
Interesting logic — the website promotes extramarital affairs, then uses Clinton as an example of surviving the experience?
Tackiest, trashiest site on Earth? Maybe not, but…
Ashley Madison isn’t what you’d call a classy site. It’s a schlockathon of 'burbs innuendo. Some consumers aren’t exactly impressed, either, as one commenter states:
After a month of trying out the site, this is who I met. 7 web cam girls, 2 escorts, and 1 gal who tried to scam me out of money. Not a surprise really. Run! Run for the hills. Do not waste your money if you are a guy.
On the surface, Ashley Madison is just a dating website, but in reality runs a multi-millionaire dollar online scam.
I purchased their $250 "Have an Affair" Guarantee package a few months ago thinking I was going to really meet some amazing women, but instead, I started to receive a lot of spam from escorts and prostitutes, and also from their female (who really knows?) staff members acting as hostesses. If their guarantee is that I will get laid by paying for sex, why don't they just advertise that they are offering a Dating website for Escorts? If not, then perhaps they should do a better job screening out those escorts and prostitutes?
When I started to fill in their refund request form, I realize they aren't going to just issue a refund to my credit card. The only way to qualify for their refund is for them to send me an Ashley Madison check in the mail to my HOME address where my wife lives. I contacted them to ask for a refund back to my credit card instead and I got an absolute NO from them.
What kind of a guarantee is that, where to get your money back you're guaranteed to get caught for cheating?
A female perspective from MSN isn’t much more impressive. The writer, Lisa Taddeo, got more, and apparently sleazier, action than she wanted.
There’s more to it than possible scams and bad taste, though. There’s a security issue for users, and this site isn’t the only one. Sites like this are everywhere. Many are considered extremely dangerous. Let’s face it, sticking your face on a website isn’t likely to be good for your health. Quite aside from probable nutcases, and diseases, “interesting” situations are more than likely. You could wind up in Cambodia, making shirts, with a bit of luck.
You can’t legislate against bad taste. God knows, mainstream media is now comprised entirely of bad taste. Nor can you regulate stupidity. It’s not illegal to operate a site like this, or to use it.
Ashley is a phenomenon of the times. It may be godawful, unbelievable and incredibly trashy, but so is society, and they’re making a lot of money doing it.
All you can do is tell people not to be so dumb. Hope it works. Meanwhile, you can take the message about Hillary on face value. Is anyone really surprised that a site like this would get involved in US politics? After all, what's the difference? Anyway, the mid-terms are only four months away.