Video: Family fires live-in nanny and she refuses to leave

Posted Jun 27, 2014 by Walter McDaniel
Diane Stretton, 64, worked as a live-in nanny and worked well for a while. Eventually she decided to stop working for them but continued staying in one of their rooms, allegedly without working or paying.
Eviction with state or federal orders can happen quickly as we saw in New Orleans. However private e...
Eviction with state or federal orders can happen quickly as we saw in New Orleans. However private eviction between tenants and landlords can be a lengthy and difficult process.
Infrogmation of New Orleans
The family has started the eviction process which can actually take several months. The former caretaker plans to fight the charges and press countercharges for "wrongful firing and elder abuse" according to the ABC News report.
When the Bracamontes hired Stretton everything was fine at first. “She would come places with us, help out the kids. She was really great.” said mother Marcella Bracamonte. As time went on their caretaker allegedly stopped doing work and locked herself up in her room. The family members gave her a notice that she would be fired soon in a letter which she ignored. She is reportedly still living with them to this day because they cannot yet evict her.
The legal situation in the United States makes cases like these difficult. By law firing her after agreeing to let her live there does not mean they could legally remove her without a court order. Elderly tenants also have additional rights under the law. Due to this it may prove quite difficult for them to evict Stretton.
As you can see in the attached video. The family now has to put locks on possessions including one on the fridge to keep food safe. The parents also assert that Stretton attempts to make their lives miserable from day to day. For her part the former caretaker has mostly declined comment, only speaking briefly to local media. With three kids and busy work schedules the Bracamontes want to get this over with and get on with their lives.