Toyota plans to bring hydrogen-fueled sedan to the market

Posted Jun 25, 2014 by Walter McDaniel
Toyota already has some vehicles in the alternative market. Now they are bringing an affordable new model that harnesses the power of hydrogen fuel cells.
Toyota has revealed a new car which will harness the power of hydrogen to customers driving.
Toyota has revealed a new car which will harness the power of hydrogen to customers driving.
Toyota, YouTube
The company previously saw some impressive sales for their Rav4 hybrid. Their newest entry is a 7 million yen ($70,000) sedan that uses hydrogen fuel cells to reduce costs and expand mileage. Despite the rarity of fueling stations it could be one option for America's energy problems.
You can read the announcement yourself on the Toyota Global Newsroom. As far as the official name you can briefly see "Fuelcell" across the side in the attached picture. While we would guess they will have a nickname for it later right now they are just pushing the fact that it uses hydrogen cells.
Hydrogen fuel cells are incredibly powerful and quite safe. Even if a hydrogen vehicle were to be shot it would not cause an explosion anything like a hydrogen bomb. At worst it would cause some serious burns for those inside. The risk of that is not particularly higher than with gas-powered cars. Some are touting the electric alternative as safer but studies from the MIT Technology Review call that into question as well.
California is currently planning on adding many hydrogen fueling stations to their area. Once these are done it will be quite likely that the vehicle will see some testing and sales there.
Toyota representatives are far from the only ones releasing cars to compete in the new market. Hyundai has started their Tucson Fuel Cell CUV program. Tesla Motors is a new name on the scene but has made it into worldwide business media. The movement for a greener earth has led to demand for greener cars.
This vehicle is slated to hit japan in April 2015. By then it will no doubt have even more competitors on the scene. The market for earth-friendly cars is heating up and the competition will soon get serious once all these models hit the market.