Live the life of a real cat with 'Catlateral Damage'

Posted Jun 17, 2014 by Walter McDaniel
Have you ever wanted to play a force of nature destroying the home of a defenseless human being? Well now you can see how your own cat feels when they destroy you home with 'Catlateral Damage'.
A screenshot from the upcoming game  Catlateral Damage  where the room is being wrecked.
A screenshot from the upcoming game 'Catlateral Damage' where the room is being wrecked.
Catlateral Screenshot
Simulators are the thing to make in gaming today. The trend started with the Train Simulator franchise which became wildly popular with YouTubers. Then the equally popular Goat Simulator had ridiculous Steam profit numbers. Now it is time for a Cat Simulator by another name; Catlateral Damage.
Made with the extremely popular and flexible Unity engine you can play the demo version right here. You get to experience the simulated life of Developer Chris Chung's real-life cat Nippy. This may be the most accurate simulation of a cat yet as you destroy the house of your owner and show casual disdain for all other lifeforms.
The final version will allow you to explore the dark catacombs of the bed while hunting mice. It will also have procedurally generated content which basically means the rooms you destroy will be randomly generated every time you start a new game.
The developers have now turned their attention to funding a full version of the game. You can contribute to their Kickstarter to get copies of the game, your name in the credits and the top goal will force one of the developers to adopt any number of cats you wish him to from a local shelter.
Their funding goal of $40,000 will likely be reached shortly and they will be able to move ahead with the game. Catlateral Damage is being taken quite seriously by huge names like Ars Technica so it may be worth taking a look at.