Review: Sarah McLachlan dazzles on new 'Shine On' album Special

Posted Jun 12, 2014 by Markos Papadatos
Grammy-winning songstress Sarah McLachlan has released her newest studio album "Shine On," via her record label, Verve Records.
Grammy-winning singer Sarah McLachlan
Grammy-winning singer Sarah McLachlan
David Bergman
It opens with the orchestral ballad "In Your Shoes" and the gorgeous slow-moving piano-driven tune "Flesh and Blood."
"Monsters" is more refreshing and uplifting, showcasing her crystalline vocals.
One can feel the pain in "Broken Heart," yet she sings it beautifully with her angelic voice. It does have an optimistic ending. "Look to the future for all it's got and not to us being apart," McLachlan sings.
Another slow song, "Surrender and Certainty," is slightly reminiscent of her signature tune "Angel."
In the melancholic "Song for My Father," she pays tribute to her late father and it contains warm lyrics and vivid imagery as follows: "Your light buried the dark, A constant unwavering heart." It features stunning acoustic instrumentation and it is such a bittersweet farewell.
Equally remarkable are "Love Beside Me" and "Turn the Lights Down Low," the latter of which is a true standout.
In "Brink of Destruction," she displays a great deal of personal strength, as well as her soothing vocals. "Storms come I learned to be strong, I don't lean on anyone else," she sings.
"Beautiful Girl" is another captivating performance by McLachlan, where the listener can sense the raw emotions. "If I were a diviner, you'd be awash in rain to cool your fire," McLachlan sings.
The closing track, "The Sound That Love Makes" has a retro 60s vibe to it, similar to the style of Susanna Hoffs from The Bangles, as she is accompanied on ukulele.
The Verdict
Overall, Sarah McLachlan has hit a home run with her brand new studio album Shine On. This is one of the best albums that she has released in her career, along with Surfacing. She takes risks on this musical project and showcases her vulnerability. Many listeners will find themselves relating to the majority, if not all of the songs. McLachlan proves to be like fine wine, where she only gets better with age. This is a Grammy worthy studio effort that garners an A rating.
For more information on Sarah McLachlan and her latest album Shine On, check out her website.