Op-Ed: Netflix snubs and criticizes Verizon

Posted Jun 10, 2014 by Walter McDaniel
Netflix has refused to comply with a cease-and-desist order from Verizon to stop telling customers that Verizon is responsible for their poor streaming. Further legal action has been threatened with little response.
Netflix movie fans.
Netflix movie fans.
David Silverberg
A report by Ars Technica reveals some very amusing information for those of us involved in the net neutrality feud.
Netflix authorities have responded to their order by saying that this program test will end on the June 16th but they have further plans for transparency in order. What those might be we can only guess at but I personally hope it involves more programs like this.
The Netflix letter also goes on to criticize Verizon for how they have handled the Open Connect project. It would have given ISPs instant access to nearly perfect video delivery. Netflix General Counsel David Hyman noted that they had "brought the data right to your doorstep...all you had to do was open the door" in the previously mentioned letter.
Benefits for both companies would have been huge and each one would have saved money. The program also would have given Verizon free access to additional hardware and software. The one problem with that is if they joined this program it would be practically impossible for Verizon to manipulate Netflix by capping or modifying their speeds.
If there is one thing that providers like Verizon have shown it's a dedication to manipulating the public and even other businesses by using speed modifications and restrictions. The fact that big companies like Netflix are starting to see Net Neutrality our way is as amusing as it is inspiring. You know something is changing when big companies are becoming whistle-blowers in their own right.
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