Cops found 40 bags of heroin inside 315-pound man's belly button

Posted Jun 9, 2014 by Owen Weldon
A 315-pound man, from North Carolina, was arrested after he allegedly hid more than 40 bags of heroin in his belly button.
Heroin  bindles   wrapped first in paper  and then in aluminum foil  the heroin at the right would b...
Heroin "bindles", wrapped first in paper, and then in aluminum foil, the heroin at the right would be ground, or smashed before packaging.
Huron Undercover Narcotics Team (HUNT), MI
According to NY Daily News, Randall Streeter was found with 40 bags of heroin, as well as some crack cocaine Percocet pills in his belly button.
According to Fox, the 35-year-old was arrested last Thursday after he was pulled over and his vehicle was searched. Police found the drugs during the search.
In the past undercover agents bought heroin from Streeter, and during the course of their month long investigation, they seized more than 340 bags of the drug. The cost of the heroin was said to be around $7,000.
According to CBS, Streeter had a passenger with him, and he was also arrested and taken into custody by authorities.
Streeter is now being held on $1 million bond, and he is facing a number of heroin trafficking charges. He may end up facing additional charges, as he has been linked to numerous prostitution cases.