Woman unscathed after being ran over by a train

Posted Jun 5, 2014 by Larry Clifton
On Wednesday, a 22-year-old woman from Salem, Alabama survived the dubious distinction of being ran over by a train without sustaining any injuries.
A train.
A train.
Ellis 678 - wikimedia
According to the Auburn police division in Alabama, several calls had come in from people who believed a young woman had been struck by a train that included two engines and a boxcar. Officers arriving at the scene feared the worse since nobody in the area ran over by a train had ever lived to talk about it.
Imagine the shock as officers stood over the woman’s body only to discover she had sustained no injuries at all and was still sleeping between the tracks. When the officers woke her, Lynsey Horne told them she had no recollection of the train passing by just inches above her body.
Captain Lorenza Dorsey told WTVM, “You can absolutely call it a miracle, I mean, because of the fact that, luckily, [the train] was only two engines and a car, and the fact that her, I guess build or stature, and that she lied between the rails in a way that she was not struck by the actual train or any, you know, objects from the train. She is very, very fortunate and lucky.”
Despite being extremely lucky. Ms. Horne’s good fortune did not extend to her legal status as she was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct as a result of her inopportune nap.
The train was halted by authorities and an ambulance had to be called to the scene. Ms. Horne was transported to hospital after the incident which required a medical helicopter to be placed on standby.
Although Ms. Horne sustained no visible injuries, officials say she underwent a closer examination by emergency room personnel at the hospital.