Bullets and booze: Oklahoma gun range gets liquor license

Posted May 30, 2014 by Nora Meszaros
While the owner promises those drinking won't be allowed to shoot, the controversial news is out: a start-up gun range, currently under construction, has been authorized to sell alcohol by the Oklahoma City Council.
Glock models 26  17  19 and 21
Glock models 26, 17, 19 and 21
Click clack bang bang it's gun range business:
Wilshire Gun Range co-owner Jeff Swanson said the gun range will be the first in the state where people can safely shoot guns and enjoy drinking — as long as the bullets come before the Bacardi.
Oklahoma City Council approved the liquor license Tuesday for the establishment which will include 24 firearm lanes, 10 archery lanes, as well as a cafe where food and alcohol will be served, The Epoch Times reports.
Swanson told local TV station KOKH, that "any misconceptions or joking aside, beer and bullets, guns and alcohol, they do not mix."
The planned 40,000-square-foot range will allow people to shoot first, and drink second, Swanson said. In effort to control the drinking of those shooting at the gun range, Swanson explained a system in which the driver's licenses of customers will be scanned before lane and gun operation, as well as preceding drink and food orders, according to The Epoch Times.
“Once your order a drink your driver’s license is scanned and you are red-flagged and you’re not allowed into any of the shooting facilities, either as a spectator and certainly not as a shooter for the remainder of the day,” Swanson said, adding that gun range staff will be trained in field sobriety and use cameras to monitor customers.
Larry McAlister, media spokesperson for the Wilshire Gun Range, told Global News that there are extensive measures to keep a safe environment for customers.
“There’s a restaurant inside the gun range that’s roughly 3000 square feet, and the range itself is 20,000 square feet,” McAlister said. “Alcohol will only be served inside that 3000 square feet.”
As for the driver's license scanning? McAlister said it is a fool-proof verification method.
“It doesn’t matter if you came to lunch, had a beer, went back to work, than came back later that evening,” McAlister told Global News. “You won’t be allowed to shoot.”