KFC worker in Wales suspended for allegedly putting pubes in food

Posted May 27, 2014 by Owen Weldon
A KFC employee in Cardiff, Wales, was suspended after they posted about how they put pubic hair in food that was being served to a customer.
Kentucky Fried Chicken sign
Kentucky Fried Chicken sign
Steve Webel
A worker at a KFC in Wales was fired last week after they said that they put pubic hair in food that was served to customers, according to Huffington Post.
The person who made the claim posted on "Spotted Cardiff," which is a Facebook page for people who live in or around Cardiff, four days ago. The post said that there were some girls who went to the KFC drive-thru, and they threatened the person who served them. The person continued to say that they overheard how the girls were talking to the person serving them, so they decided to put pubic hair in the girls' food. The posted ended saying that the customers would be "picking pubes out of their teeth for a week."
According to WND, KFC said that the worker admitted to the posting, but said that it was just a social media prank, and that other workers have confirmed that no food was actually contaminated.
According to WalesOnline, the worker received a suspension for the post. A spokesman for KFC said that the incident was investigated, and even though there was an altercation, they believe that the food was not contaminated.
The spokesman continued to say that the company has the highest standards when it comes to food hygiene, and they do not tolerate suggestions of the behavior, and that is why they suspended the worker as soon as they found out about the post.