Teen sex education campaign makes use of giant yellow condom

Posted May 25, 2014 by Karen Graham
It's hard to not see a 40-foot tall fluorescent yellow condom standing straight in the middle of a suburb, and that's just the way La Florida's Mayor Rodolfo Carter likes it. The center-right mayor wants teens to notice, and stop and think about it.
Giant yellow condom in La Florida district of Santiago  Chile.
Photo taken: May 15  2014.
Giant yellow condom in La Florida district of Santiago, Chile. Photo taken: May 15, 2014.
Twitter/el nuevo aqueldonoso
Mayor Carter's previous safe-sex campaigns haven't been very popular with his party, the Independent Democratic Union (UDI). It may be because they are too conservative. But Carter is very concerned about sexually transmitted disease and unwanted teen pregnancies in his city, La Florida district.
According to, the mayor sent a letter to parents and guardians of students in all the municipal schools, explaining in straight-forward language that "sex education is a very important issue, not only in their formation as free and dignified people, but also an aspect of life that attended the rise of teen pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, it is urgent to treat in all our schools and colleges" (Translated by Google).
Carter's campaign is targeting 5,300 children in the district. Mayor Carter says that according to the Municipal Health Department, 17 percent of women receiving prenatal care at the Community Health Network in 2013 were under 19 years of age. The incidence of teen pregnancies in the La Florida district is double the rate found in wealthier districts of the city.
To reinforce his message, the mayor had a 12 meter (forty-foot) high fluorescent yellow condom erected at the intersection of Amerigo Vespucci and Vicuna Mackenna Avenues. The giant mega-condom caught the eye of motorists and passersby and was promptly the hit of social media sites.
Carter says " The social media reaction has been generally positive, although one user commented: "What's next, a flying sperm over Santiago?" The mayor points out that, "This isn't a moral issue or attention seeking. The condom seeks to shake up people's consciences and get us working on practical solutions."