TV nudism: Reality show has realtor showing homes to naked people

Posted May 25, 2014 by Marcus Hondro
You may think nudism and house buying are disparate subjects but a new TV show says they are not. 'Buying Naked' is a new reality show in which a realtor caters to nudists. You the viewer gets to see naked people looking at homes - sort of.
 Naked  woman in Carefree
'Naked' woman in Carefree
It is set to debut on June 28 at 10 p.m. on the TLC network and the 8-part series features Pasco County, Florida real estate agent Jackie Youngblood. She's not naked herself in the series but she shows houses to people who live a naked lifestyle and who view the homes in the buff.
So each week a couple sans clothing searches for their dream home in 'Buying Naked.' We won't go into detail about what issues are of particular import to persons who spend most of their time at home nude, but there are some. The lifestyle requires thought but given we are all naked at times most homes are ready for those who are naked virtually all of the time. Mind you, TLC suggests otherwise.
Home Hunting for Nudists
"Finding a home for a nudist goes well-beyond the concerns that come with typical house hunting," TLC writes. "Jackie and her team must also bear in mind the hazards that are lurking for their clothing-optional clientele...routine tasks such as cooking, cleaning and even just walking can present safety risks for the unclothed occupants of the home."
If that doesn't sound too, too exciting but you think it might be fun to see naked people march about a home - think again. Home-buyers are wearing their birthday suit but, much like scenes in 'Austin Powers', each time you think you're gonna see a potentially interesting part a conveniently placed object gets in the way.
A more accurate title might be: 'Buying Naked, with Crotches, Breasts and Butts Blocked.'