Miner trapped for 17 years found in China - Hoax

Posted May 20, 2014 by William Suphan
While excavating a gallery, workers opened an abandoned mine and found a miner who had survived there since a collapse in 1997.
Xinjiang region  China
Xinjiang region, China
Update: this story has turned out to be a hoax, according to Snopes.
A deeply emotional rescue occurred today as a Chinese miner Cheung Wai was discovered having survived in a mine that had collapsed in 1997, according to World News Daily Report.
When the mine collapsed due to a 7.8 earthquake, there was one ventilation shaft that remained open, and he subsisted on stores of rice, water, rats and a phosphorescent moss. The rice and water were stored there in the event of such a collapse. Wai was the only survivor, and spent a grueling year burying the 78 co-workers who perished, despite intense physical and mental trauma.
Wai, who is now 59, was immediately taken to a hospital upon his rescue for a complete physical and mental examination.
While these accidents have been rather common, with over 4000 fatalities since the year 2000, authorities are taking measures to reduce unregulated mining, and have closed about 1,000 such mines in the last year. Yet about six miners still die each day since about 80 percent of China's mines still remain unregulated.
Wai survived longer than any previous person who has been trapped underground, far surpassing the previous Guinness record of 142 days set by British man Geoff Smith, who had himself buried in the backyard of a Railway Inn for the express purpose of being the record holder.