Interview: Country singer Dustin Lynch discusses his second album Special

Posted May 19, 2014 by Adrian Peel
The talented Tennessean caused a minor earthquake among country fans and critics a couple of years ago with the release of his self-titled debut album. Digital Journal finds out what he's been up to recently.
Dustin Lynch
Dustin Lynch
Jessica Pangrazio
Upon hearing Dustin Lynch's fantastic debut single "Cowboys And Angels" for the very first time in early 2012, I did for a moment believe that traditional country might actually be making a comeback, for here was someone based in Nashville, young and playing the music the way many people feel it should be played: with a fiddle and a steel guitar!
Written by Lynch, Josh Leo and Tim Nichols, this tender love song, inspired by Dustin's grandparents and the love they shared, deservedly peaked at number two on the country charts and was subsequently followed by the almost as impressive, but less-successful chart-wise, "She Cranks My Tractor" and "Wild In Your Smile."
Though "working feverishly" on album number two, the Tullahoma-born star took time out of his busy schedule to fill me in on his movements.
"I'm excited and feeling blessed to have the opportunity to create another album," he says modestly. "I'm putting everything I have into this upcoming record and my goal is always to make music that affects people in a positive way."
I broached the subject of the outstanding success of "Cowboys And Angels" with the man himself, who made his name playing Nashville's famed Bluebird Cafe ("It's where I got my Bachelor's degree in writing songs - more importantly it's a place I would go to dream") and enquired as to whether we can look forward to more moments like it - more traditional country-sounding moments, that is - on the new CD.
"Yes, we definitely have those moments on this new album," he confirms. "'Modern Traditional' is a great way to put it, although this album has a lot more energy than the first. I blame that on the Keith Urban Light The Fuse Tour!"
"Album two is a completely new chapter for me," he continues. "I wrote and recorded the first album as a kid that grew up in Tennessee and hadn't travelled much… Since then I've travelled around so much of this country, met all kinds of people and experienced some amazing things. I have a whole new palate of colours to paint with..."
Discussing the tracks that will make up the as-yet-untitled product - and those of which he is especially proud - the 29-year-old is determined not to say too much: "'Your Daddy's Boots' is one of my all-time favourite songs I've been a part of - I love the emotion of that tune. There's many more, but I'm not giving them away yet!
"My goal is always to record the best songs, whether I write them or not. This album has a good variety of that..."
Since Lynch first burst onto the scene, 'bro-country' songs - songs about drinking, partying and sitting on a tailgate with a girl in blue jeans etc. - have gone on to almost completely dominate the market, becoming a much-criticised staple on the charts and on country radio. I wondered what the singer-songwriter, who released the first single off the new record "
Where It's At" in March, had to say on this highly contentious issue?
"I love where country music is," he concludes. "I think we are in a very opportunistic position to grab hold of a new audience. Partying, sitting on a tailgate, girls in blue jeans - isn't that real life? It's part mine and I love it. Now is there oversaturation? Maybe... But it's real and country music fans, my fans, are real."
As of yet, there is no release date for the new record, but it should be out later this year. Keep checking Dustin's official website for more information.