Titus Welliver's 'Bosch' gets the green light from Amazon Special

Posted May 16, 2014 by Mindy Peterman
"Bosch," a drama starring Titus Welliver, based on Michael Connolly’s novel series, has been given the green light by Amazon to become a full-fledged series for their Prime members . The fans spoke and Amazon listened.
Parade/Manfred Baumann
In February of this year, I spoke with Titus Welliver about his starring role in a pilot for Bosch, one of the hopefuls in Amazon’s pilot season. Taking a cue from Netflix, Amazon is hoping to put together a strong roster of original programming to entice viewers to sign up for their Amazon Prime service. It is the viewers who are given the task of deciding which shows make the cut, and when I last spoke with Welliver, he was on tenterhooks awaiting the verdict.
The good news is that the viewers have given Bosch a thumbs up, which means we will soon be seeing nine more episodes of the show. I recently followed up with a very happy (and newly married) Welliver about what the next few months will bring.
Where were you when you heard the good news?
I was actually at my house where I have no cell reception. But I’m able to get a text and I got a text from one of my producers saying, “Call me”. It was a little daunting because you don’t really know what “Call me” means. Finally, after walking around up and down my street, I got a signal. I was able to call him and he told me the news. Of course I was given the news a bit before it went public. And that was the hardest thing, keeping it a secret because the people in social media, through Facebook and Twitter, had so rallied to support Bosch on a daily basis. [They wanted to know] what was going on, and it kind of drove me crazy. Then it broke somehow through The Hollywood Reporter or Variety that it had been picked up. But it had not been confirmed. So it made it even harder. Finally Michael Connolly was able to go on Twitter to say we’d been picked up, and the reception and excitement were just incredible.
Have you started filming yet?
No. We will start shooting the end of July. We’ll shoot nine episodes which will probably take us through November. Erik Overmyer and Henrik [Bastin] have put together a great group of writers who’ve worked on everything from Mad Men to Treme. Just an incredible roster of people.
Will episodes be posted weekly or will the series be like those on Netflix and offered all at once?
I’m not sure how they’re going to do that yet. I’m not sure if they’re going to do it in the binge fashion, sort of like House of Cards did, where they shoot it all and put it out. I’m not sure if it will be a weekly thing or a monthly thing. I’m not yet sure of the format.
I don’t know about you but I love binge watching.
I do too. And I think that’s become kind of the norm. But I have three children so I don’t really get to do that.
Are there any regimens you might have to get in shape for the rigors of filming a TV series?
It’s sleep. Also, as an actor I would take my meals with the crew when we would break for lunch. Now due to the amount of material I have to learn, I use my lunchtime to sequester myself in the trailer to learn my dialogue for the next day so I’m not up all night learning my next day’s work. So there’s that and green tea and gingko biloba to keep my brain moving. But it’s really just sleep and eating properly, exercise and fresh air and going out with my family to ride horses in my free time.
Do you own horses?
We do. We have five horses: four horses and a pony. My wife is quite a horse person. She’s ridden since she was a small child. She really introduced my daughter and my sons and myself to that. We’ve caught that obsession and spend as much time as we can with the horses and riding. It’s such a nice thing to do as a family.
I know Michael Connolly has gone to Europe to promote the show in other markets. Are you involved in doing the same?
Oh, I did. I went to the MIDCON at Cannes and the reception there was really wonderful. The European networks and buyers were really, really enthusiastic. So much of it’s connected to the appeal of Michael’s books, which is already there. In that regard it was really nice. Also, it was really strong in the Scandinavian markets. They love their neo-noir in Scandinavia. The reception was really great. They had put together a trailer for Bosch, which was really quite exciting to look at.
This has been a great year for you with the show being picked up and your marriage. Congratulations! Did you have time for a honeymoon?
We are going to do that in a week and it will be nice to have some time together.
Your fanbase is growing and now you even have a Team Bosch fansite.
They are amazing. Clare Costa from across the pond [is the webmistress]. She is the other queen of the U.K. That whole group: Lynn, 49erGrandma. They’re a formidable bunch.
You are very kind and communicative to your fans on Twitter. Does this social media attention seem at all surreal to you?
People tend to talk about the dodgy part of social media. I haven’t experienced any of that. The people on Twitter and Team Bosch are all very normal people. They enjoy their entertainment. They’re passionate about it. There’s dialogue not just about the show but about literature and music, what people are doing with their day. None of it is is weirdo stuff. It’s all just kind of fun.
Would you ever like to write or direct an episode?
Oh, I would certainly like to do that. It’s cliche to say what I’d really like to do it direct but I’d love to be given that opportunity. My only experience directing has been directing theater many years ago. So if that opportunity comes up I’ll jump all over it. It would be a lot of fun. There’s such a strong ensemble of actors that it would not require a tremendous amount on my part in the director’s chair to tell anybody what to do. They all know what to do. So it would be a really interesting experience.