Obama meets Syria's opposition leader Jarba

Posted May 14, 2014 by Paul Iddon
U.S. President Barack Obama has met the Syrian oppositions Ahmad Jarba. Both individuals said their meeting was important and productive.
Syrian National Coalition (SNC) leader Ahmad Jarba speaks during a press conference on January 23  2...
Syrian National Coalition (SNC) leader Ahmad Jarba speaks during a press conference on January 23, 2014 at the Intercontinental hotel in Geneva
Philippe Desmazes, AFP
As AFP points out it is on Obama's part a show of his stated support for the more moderate of the opposition fighters fighting against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
Reuters reports that he praised Jarba's Syrian opposition coalition for its attempts of find a solution to the ongoing conflict in Syria.
The White House declared that, "President Obama welcomed the coalition's leadership and constructive approach to dialogue, and encouraged the coalition to further its vision for an inclusive government that represents all of the people of Syria."
The White House also informed us that, "The delegations also discussed the risks posed by growing extremism in Syria and agreed on the need to counter terrorist groups on all sides of the conflict."
The Obama administration is extremely cautious about providing the forces Jarba professes to represent arms given their fear such weaponry could fall into the hands of the many Islamist groups currently fighting in Syria.
The White House's spokesman Jay Carney reiterated this concern when he said that the current administration is ensuring "that the aid that we are providing the opposition is getting into the hands of moderate opposition and not falling into the wrong hands. This is something that has been a concern and an issue, obviously, since the beginning of the conflict there, but it is one that we take very seriously."
Jarba nevertheless thanked Mr. Obama for the $287 million worth of aid the U.S has given to opposition elements. He also noted that the United States is the largest donor of humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees having given them a grant valued $1.7 billion.
Obama has condemned, "the Assad regime's deliberate targeting of Syrian civilians through aerial bombardments – including the use of barrel bombs – and the denial of food and humanitarian assistance to civilians located in areas under siege by the regime."