Review: Tips on how to better a blog’s visibility and quality of content

Posted May 13, 2014 by Anthony Carranza
Once upon a time print had its own set of requirements and writing styles that came with it. From this point on the digital transition would bring forth a larger set of requirements to learn all over again.
To attract large masses to your blog the key is generating good quality engagement with the content you produce keeping in mind who is your target audience, and learn the different online formats.
Using the blog section in any website for a company presents a chance to showcase their expertise, voice and unique slant on a given subject. In order to achieve some success online you have to remember blogging has to be readable.
According to a GetResponse, there are many things bloggers can do to get positive results: make headlines that work, readability, use the active voice, allow the occasional high quality guest post, formatting content and so on, outlined in this blog post.
When choosing a title or a headline its best to keep it short and engaging. Generally, using six words is a good place to begin. Other headlines to test out are those that can serve as problem solvers. Nevertheless, with any piece of content try to bring the entertaining side of it.
Your clients, readers or loyal followers need to be connected on an emotional level with the content. Posts that offer meaningful how to instructions along with screen shots serve as a good model. Readers always come to appreciate valuable insight when trying out your company’s product or service on their own.
Writing for the web has been nothing short of an unprecedented medium that can connect you to large masses locally as well as globally. Anyone with a computer, device, smartphone or portable laptop can be reached by just putting into consideration all of these useful tips to increase traffic to your blog.
One important factor that may be overlooked sometimes by the writers is the use language that is at times too technical or difficult to understand. Sure it is important to educate your readers, but drowning in excessive jargon will result in readers never coming back.
The active voice is probably the most recommended, the easiest to translate and the most relevant. Active verbs are more than likely to trigger a response in reader’s minds a majority of the time and let’s not forget readers have short attention spans. Choosing active words helps readers stay engaged.
As far as formatting is concerned everything has to be kept short and sweet. This can be applied to shortening sentences and paragraphs. Sub headers are a good way to offer more than one avenue to interpret a complicated headlines and breaks up the rhythm of how you read the content.
The use of bullet points helps to break the monotony of the text and the flow it. Readers will be drawn by vibrant colors and the visually appealing design for any website they really like. The same principle goes with text that is properly formatted and how one is able to use it like this shows a command of the language and keen ability to appeal to savvy readers.
Finally, blogs should feature posts that are always different and refreshing. The usage of photos, video and testimonies is a great way to bring a softer side to the company’s overall image. Of course it is about promoting products or services, yet do not forget to keep track of the traffic and performance on the site. Little or no engagement translates into the inability to understand how blogging works. For that purpose, great bloggers create awesome content that gets shared and turns viral.
One helpful tip is to look around other successful blogs in your own industry to get a sense what is working for them. Usually once the mission and vision of the blog becomes clearer invest in developing a voice that is your own and be proactive in responding to comments in a timely fashion. These shows a human side to the company and respect for those taking valuable time to participate on your online space.