Op-Ed: Brazilian cancer patient and daughter grateful for alkaline diet

Posted May 9, 2014 by Jeannie Stokowski-Bisanti
A few years ago, a young Brazilian woman working and studying in Italy left the country to return to Brazil, so that she could care for her father who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Before she left, she met a woman who told her about alkaline diets.
A vegetable market
A vegetable market
Just last week, the woman, a Miami Holistic Health Examiner and now also a friend, received the following correspondence from Klycia Carvalho:
"How are you doing? Today I got some great news and you are definitely the first person I wanted to share it with.
By December of last year, my father gave to much attention to what doctors said and definitely not much to all that I had been doing through the alkaline diet and blood cleansing regime. He pretty much accepted that he would only last a few months.
Through much prayer and a total miracle he met with a doctor from the United States, Dr. Jimmy Albuquerque, a blood specialist who treats his patients through the alkaline diet and herbal supplements for blood cleansing. He brought hope to my father again and my dad has been religiously following this diet. In January, my dad's pH level was 4.5 and the doctor said he didn't know how he was even able to walk, let alone, be alive!
Today, my father and I did a checkup exam together and we now both have the same pH level, 6.5! The doctor was so emotional when he saw the results that the hairs on his arm stood up! My dad is doing much better and the doctor affirms that with my dad continuing this treatment for the next year he will be not only cancer-free, but free of any other illness his body has.
My dad has been so inspired that he will now start studying bio-medicine in order to help people the same way that he has been helped and I am thinking of following the same path. He wanted me to thank you for sharing the knowledge that you had with me because, if it hadn't been for you, we know he would not have lasted even one year and yet here he is, 2.5 years since we learned of the illness and of the alkaline diet."
In a later correspondence Klycia added:
"I do hope his story serves to help people and to show you that what you do is not in vain because now our whole family (grandparents, aunts, uncles etc...) has begun this journey of healing and most importantly, consciousness and they all know it is thanks to you."