Stair lifts enhance the independence of the elderly

Posted May 9, 2014 by Anne Sewell
It can be a difficult situation. You have a two-storey home and an elderly relative is coming to live with you. What can you do to make their life easier and keep them feeling happy and independent?
Home health aides provide routine health care  such as bathing  dressing or grooming  to elderly  co...
Home health aides provide routine health care, such as bathing, dressing or grooming, to elderly, convalescent or disabled persons in the home of patients or in a residential care facility.
It happens to us all. As we age, it becomes more difficult to get up and down the stairs. There is, of course, also the danger of falling and breaking those brittle bones.
The problem is, many elderly folk are fiercely independent and don’t like to ask for help each time they go up and down the stairs. This is when dependable stair lifts become a vital and perfect tool to have in the home.
Depending on your house, the stairway will vary. Some have a straight staircase, others curved and yet others are spiral in shape. Fortunately, stair lifts have been designed to suit all eventualities and offer the appropriate tracks.
Stair lift for curved stairs.
Stair lift for curved stairs.
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Stair lifts for straight stairways, for instance from the entrance hall up to a landing, can offer alternatives too. The standard seated stair lift is fine, but for relatives with hip or knee problems, a special perch set is available for this type of stairway, making it easier for them to get in and out of the stair lift.
Curved and spiral staircases offer specially designed tracks, allowing them to turn corners. The tracks are very versatile and always hug the edge of the staircase, giving a safe and smooth ride up or down. The Handicare curved stair lift goes even further, by allowing the user to travel across intermediate landings.
Outdoor stair lift
Outdoor stair lift
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Not only are these stair lifts available for indoor use. It is also possible to purchase one for outside of the home, for example, where stairs lead to the front door. Exterior stair lifts are useful on terraces, porches and for steps entering the garden or garage, to make life easier for elderly users.
You might ask, how much is this all going to cost me? Prices are kept as affordable as possible, but sometimes it might be necessary to buy a second-hand, reconditioned stair lift. This type of product comes for all types of stairway and is covered by an excellent guarantee. The one important thing to bear in mind with the second-hand option is that in each case, the track it travels on will be brand new to suit your home.
Whatever your financial situation, help is always available. If you live in the UK but cannot afford to buy the stair lift yourself, the social services department at your local council may be able to assist.
Whichever type of stair lift you purchase, you will find it invaluable in making life easier for your elderly relative, giving them a sense of much needed independence. It also doesn’t hurt that the stair lift will add to the value of your home.