Motorcyclist helps elderly man cross dangerous street, rides on

Posted May 3, 2014 by Marcus Hondro
Simple but sweet. That's a pretty good way to describe a video warming the hearts of people all over our planet. It's shot from a dash cam on a motorbike in a city in Russia. The guy on the bike helps an elderly man cross a busy street.
Elderly person with his head in his hands
Elderly person with his head in his hands
Simple, but sweet.
The old man is in a precarious situation and might have been advised not to attempt crossing the dangerously busy street, a street where traffic is going at a fair clip, and lots of it. But the biker stops, says a couple of words to the confused-seeming old fellow (an old fellow complete with a cane) and then turns his bike sideways to act as a shield. Depsite there being an element of danger for him, too, the biker proceeds to escort the old man the rest of the way across the street.
Posted on YouTube April 30 under the heading Полезное мотоциклист (Helpful Motorcyclist in Russia) as of this writing the video is nearing 550, 000 views, from all over the planet. Simple but sweet.