Godzilla: New international trailer released (VIDEO)

Posted Apr 29, 2014 by Mathew Wace Peck
A brand-new international trailer has been made available for the upcoming "Godzilla" movie from the director, Blake Edwards.
Godzilla s back! (Godzilla  2014)
Godzilla's back! (Godzilla, 2014)
Centropolis Film Productions
This new trailer provides the closest look yet at the reimagined monster, Godzilla.
Godzilla stars Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass) and Elizabeth Olsen (Martha Marcy May Marlene). Other cast members include Juliette Binoche (Disengagement), Sally Hawkins (Made in Dagenham), David Strathairn (Alphas) and Ken Watanabe (Sennen no Koi).
Edwards's eagerly anticipated film has no connection with the 1998 film, Godzilla, which starred Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller's Day Off ).
The first official trailer for the new Godzilla movie was released in December 2013; followed by another in late February; and two more earlier this month.
Godzilla opens next month: in the UK on May 15; and in the US on May 16.
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